Emotouch 3 uitbreidingen

Extensies: LSG Sauna


With just one EOS EmoTouch 3 display you can control up to eight separate cabins

EmoTouch, once launched as a classic sauna control unit, has grown in the 4th generation to a sophisticated scalable wellness management system. Now the EOS EmoTouch 3 allows control of a wide range of wellness applications, thanks to the separate LSG modules.

Modules and cabin types:

  • LSG Sauna - for traditional saunas (dry and humid)
  • LSG Steam - for steam rooms (also with other brand generators)
  • LSG Hamam - for traditional Turkish baths (hamam) or for traditional Roman baths (Laconium, Tepidarum)
  • SteamRock Premium - for steam rooms or Moroccan baths (humid hamam)
  • LSG Infrared - for infrared warming cabins

Combine the cabins as you wish and require: In every cabin you can regulate not only the heating, but a large number of additional features like cabin light, ventilation and the special extension modules allow control of LED colour light effects, music and much more.

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